Jornadas Legales para Startups


1as Jornadas legales para Startups

Keys to boost your growth and be legal compliant

We are driving Jornadas legales para Startups aimed at helping identify the regulatory and legal challenges faced by the most disruptive startups, with the help and expertise of a specialized team from Cuatrecasas.

During the session, startups will discover the impact that the new artificial intelligence regulations may have on their projects, how to protect their assets, or how to define their tax strategy to increase investment opportunities, among other key aspects.

In addition, there will be personalized sector-specific sessions, in which to share and delve into the challenges of verticals such as energy, health, fintech and deeptech.



            9.30h | Registration and welcome 

            9.45h | Introduction and session agenda

          10.00h |   Intellectual Property, Tax, corporate and Labour Key Points

          12.00h |  Coffee Break 

          12.30h |  New Regulation and Impact on Artificial Intelligence 

          13.30h |  Lunch & Networking

          15.00h |  Specialized sector sessions: Energy, Health, Fintech and Deeptech 

           16.15h |  Closing

SPEAKERS who will participate

Professionals who are part of the Cuatrecasas Acelera ecosystem and will participate in the sessions


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