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The user is informed that this website uses cookies and similar technologies. Cookies are small data files installed in the user’s device that make it possible to store information about user page activities. Specifically, cookies enable this website to access, among other data, the following information:

  • The last date and time the user viewed the website.
  • The content layout the user selected when it first visited the website.
  • Security factors involved in controlling access to restricted areas. The user has the option to prevent the generation of cookies by selecting the relevant option in its browser.

Cookies enable the website, among others, to store and retain information about users’ browsing habits or devices and, depending on the information contained in the devices and the activities performed on them, they can be used to recognize a user.

The website uses the following third-party cookies:


Name Origin Purpose Duration For more information…




Google Analytics Used for online analysis, e.g., how many pages a user has viewed or the session time.

_ga: 2 years

_gid: 1 day

_gat: 1 minute
moove_gdpr_popup  Moove Agency Used to identify whether the cookies policy has been accepted to display the informative message. 1 year
Pll_language WP Syntex Used to remember the website user’s language preferences.   Also used for information regarding the language to display on the website when it is not possible to do so any other way. 1 day


Personal data processing is necessary for the above reasons and its legal basis is the user consent you provide by tapping ACCEPT on the information level.

The third-party cookies used on this website belong to Google located in the United States of America, outside the European Economic Area.

Users can customize the installation of cookies during the website settings process and are aware that disabling cookies and similar technology can affect the normal use of the website and of the services provided.

The user may revoke prior consent by tapping the button at the heading of this policy. Alternatively, cookies can be disabled using browser-specific instructions. For example: