Cuatrecasas Accelera is the first European startup accelerator promoted from a law firm. The objective of this fourth edition is to continue the evolution of the program, giving greater strength to the selected projects and consolidating the place in the legal entrepreneur ecosystem.

To apply for the 4th edition of Cuatrecasas Accelera we have enabled the F6S, Telefónica Open Future_ and Gust platforms. You can fill in the form and specify if you want to participate in the acceleration program, or, your project is mature enough to move to the pilot test program.

The registration period will be open from May 23 to July 15.

Cuatrecasas Accelera differs from the rest of the accelerators because it is a corporate program with high involvement of partners and lawyers of the firm. The training is structured in bootcamps and will be joined by the development of a pilot, -fast track, developed by two startups of greater maturity.

To participate in the III edition of the program you must have a project with the following characteristics:

  • Be already constituted.
  • Have a validated viable minimum product.
  • Have less than 5 years from its constitution.
  • Have a technological base and act in the field of legaltech.
  • Have headquarters in a country of the European Union.
  • Exhibit your project before major investors and relevant personalities within the entrepreneurial world.
  • First level legal advice for your project.
  • Approach to Cuatrecasas customers thanks to the incorporation of the inhouse entrepreneur ecosystem.
  • Contribute to the digital transformation of a leading firm.
  • Center the objectives and business idea in the new model.
  • Training by the partners and connection with them
  • Legal advice hours bag.
  • Reputational recognition for participating in a consolidated and prestigious program
  • Opportunity to have the recognition of the office.

he IP is from the startup. The clause of the contract states the following: All rights of use and exploitation on any software, writing, drawing, model, patent, utility model, industrial design, trademark or any other right of use must be transmitted exclusively in favor of the project. intellectual and / or industrial property that the promoter team, partners, workers or collaborators carry out or develop within the framework of the project for the entire world territory, for the maximum time established in the Law and for its exploitation through any formats and / or modalities.

The modality of the program is face-to-face. We will work intensively so that the mobility does not have to be recurrent and for that reason we have opted in this edition for the realization of two bootcamps that will allow us to concentrate the group sessions.

The projects selected and participating in the Cuatrecasas Acelera program must exploit the project with which they have been selected through the person signing the contract. Also participate in the program respecting the rules, participating in the activities that make up the program and collaborate with other projects.

To participate, a priority dedication must be given to the development of the project and remain with the promoter team linked to the project. For more details, see section 11 and 12 of the Rules of both program of IV edition (2019-2020).

The fourth edition of Cuatrecasas Accelera is articulated with an acceleration program for 6  startups, plus up to 2 startups that will be able to access the development of a pilot together with Cuatrecasas. The startup will develop a prototype with Cuatrecasas for 4 months to respond to a company challenge.

The application to the program will be made through the same form as for the acceleration program, located in F6S and in Telefónica Open Future_.

The bases of the program specify what is related to the rights for the Acceleration program and the Fast Track program.

Taking into account the right of first refusal that Cuatrecasas reserves, in the event that this right conflicts with the interests of other investors prior to entering the program, Cuatrecasas undertakes to review it in order to be compatible with the rights already acquired.