Fast Track Program


Four-month initial program, with a single call per year, in which teams formed by startup professionals, lawyers and Cuatrecasas engineers participate to identify, co-create and promote the development and implementation of use cases that solve the challenges identified by Cuatrecasas.

which startups can apply?




Transfer knowledge from individuals to the companybusiness to share it with others, avoid losing information when someone leaves, and be able to assemble the best teams for every situation capable of working efficiently with other departments and offices to provide customer support while also observing security and confidentiality.



Use technology to support routine tasks, streamline research and document building, minimize mistakes, and have the necessary information on hand for decision-making that is easy to update


Blockchain y smartcontracts

Experiment with the creation of smart contracts that have business application.


Customer Engagement

Solutions to digitize the relationship and improve collaboration with the customer


Validation of the solution or technology through a POC at a large law firm.

Exposure and visibility to investors, clients and the media.

Integration and development of new functionalities or business models, leveraging collaboration and co-creation opportunities

Access to the Spanish entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem.


Until July 10

You can apply to the fast track program through the form. If you are sure about your use case, don’t forget to describe it in the application form. If not, don’t worry, just clearly describe your technology and what problems it solves.


Until July 31

After the application deadline, the evaluation committee made up of partners and support staff will review all the applications and then inform the startups that have been shortlisted. We will contact you if we have any questions about the use case described.


September 13 and 14

During a half day, the four startups selected from the fast track short list will work with several professionals from the area to which your use case is applied and from the IT Department to define it, and together you will present before the evaluation committee the proof of concept (PoC) to be developed in Cuatrecasas. After evaluating the presentations, the committee will select the two startups to participate in the fast track program.


October 4 

A bootcamp will kick off the program in October. An intense kick-off work session with all the team on the project to establish all aspects such as objectives, roles and methodology.



At the end of the four-month program, Cuatrecasas undertakes to review the KPI’s established at the beginning of the program, to determine the future of our relationship. We hope it will be long-term!


Parallel is a platform that helps to get documents and customer responses on time and without email chains. Its simple design streamlines workflows and the exchange of documentation in an organized manner.

A POC of the KYC process is developed.

During the pilot we worked on the integration of Nexl’s CRM software with the objective of replacing the current contacts and activities management in outlook, to help share information about contacts and commercial actions between the lawyers and the Marketing department.

Using Omnios technology, we have developed a platform to analyze all the unstructured information (text, audio or video) generated during litigation to help optimize the strategy, planning and execution of trials by lawyers.  We developed its first use case for the legal sector.

Allows access to past content in an agile way during the preparation of a new trial and to obtain automatic transcriptions of the content to facilitate the realization of an appeal.

The platform brings lawyers and parties together in a secure space, facilitates and secures document exchange, simplifies project management through interactive checklists, automates signatures in a secure signatory authentication interface, and generates files on the transaction once closed.

During the pilot we work on the integration and adaptation of the platform to a real use case of the Mercantile department. After the pilot, it is invested by Cuatrecasas Ventures.

Development of functionalities and integration of TIQ‘s Time Entry system. Implementation of the solution to the whole office after the pilot is completed.

“The added value is greater efficiency as it saves you some steps, such as the customer search or the predefined phrases. Its also more flexible and has additional functionalities. Moreover,  it avoids wasting hours to record what you are doing.”

Alexandra – Lawyer y Key User